Believe it or not, I’m still going strong. I am ON IT with meal prepping and staying out of trouble. I did have way too much wine on Saturday but I had written that in as a “cheat day”. It was one of my oldest and dearest friends’ bridal shower. Aside from the wine, I stayed within the rules for food at the party and continued to do so for the rest of the weekend.

I found these flax seed crackers which are helpful. I also found plantain chips but then realized there are four servings in each (very small) bag. Too good to be true indeed. Whatever.

I’ve been enjoying deviled egg salad, sweet potatoes, salads, and roasted veggies. I HONESTLY do not feel like I am missing out on anything. Is it a pink cloud situation? Maybe but I’m using it.

Also, drinking wine on Saturday after avoiding it for a week made me realize I how SHITTY it makes me feel the next day. Frankly, I still don’t feel right. My head is weird. I’m sneezing. Perhaps I’m also allergic to white? Bummer but I will not be doing that again. I mean, I could be getting sick but I feel like the coincidence is pretty strong.

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