Merry Christmas?

I had a weird dream last night and I’m still reeling.

I somehow had a baby girl. I think she was mine. I don’t think I found her. But I wasn’t planning on keeping her. I was just carrying g her around.

Then, my husband was shooting arrows and a small one got her in the back. She was ok but I made me decide I wanted to keep her. I found diapers and formula to use and was so bursting with love for her. I took her in the car to bring her to the doctor to get the arrow out.

We got into an accident on the way there. The next thing I know I am at a restaurant with my dad, my cousin K, and another older man who I can’t place. We told the person who hit us to meet us there so we could get their insurance. We are buying wine while a group of dudes tries to sell us stock in cigarettes. Yes a weird dream.

Then I’m still trying to get the baby to the doctor. I had her strapped to me in a carrier. I was so in love. I feel so empty today. I have a feeling I know why I had this dream. A recent conversation dredged up some old memories. Heavy heart today.

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