Day 31, 2020

Y’all. I am in the midst of some crazy shit.

I always had a suspicion that quitting drinking would unclog a ton of energy flowing in and out of me. The time and energy spent drinking and thinking about drinking really bogged me down in some deep molasses.

As I said yesterday, I am feeling better on many level – a little more connected with my own thoughts and motivations. Here’s the thing though. In the past 2 weeks, two ENORMOUS opportunities have landed in my face.

  1. My former art teacher at the local art museum reached out and would like to include some of my works in an upcoming exhibit at the museum. I am meeting with her next week to pick a couple to be framed.
  2. My therapist told me that the space next to her in her building has opened up and she thinks it might be a great spot for me to run my creative workshops out of. It could also double as a studio/ office space for me. The rent is relatively affordable and the location is great. What the F? I’ve reached out to the landlord and am securing it asap.

These are things I have dreamed of my whole life. I really feel like I am getting into the flow. The real deal. I’m blown away.

That’s all for now.

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